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"impact" is the official amd most used font for 'top text bottom text' memes


break choccy_milk deserve dog doge drink exhausted impact quoge relax sit text // 1079x681 // 397.4KB body brain human impact nerves nervous skeleton spine spooky system text // 1080x1261 // 484.1KB ass floppa horny human impact no text // 720x536 // 56.9KB black_man impact italian jeffrey_epstein text // 750x762 // 33.0KB anime fruit fuit girl gummy impact text wanted // 718x465 // 212.7KB bdsm choke choker collar dog doge go_ahead harder human impact kink leash pull text // 1079x805 // 471.0KB dog impact language:lithuanian officer police text uwu // 460x621 // 152.1KB anime balls crazy evangelion genesis hold impact neon nge rei saggy text // 720x551 // 157.9KB epic_win impact low_res save text thumbnail // 70x70 // 1.8KB big chain consumerism contribute doge gulp i impact kardashians mcdonalds mindless remote text to today tv will // 1080x718 // 312.7KB damned doge enemies gamer hacker impact kid lag noob of souls teamate text the worst // 1080x886 // 403.6KB apocalypse city desolation destroyed destruction didn't fight foo foo_fighters if impact ruined ruins text // 700x697 // 553.5KB christianity cross crucifixion impact jesus kite red roman romans rome soldier soldiers sucks text this yellow // 480x325 // 18.6KB bitch chad drugs friendzone fucking gamer gentleman harley harley_quinn impact jock joint joker love mr_j nice_guy quinn roach spliff ten text the_joker this_could_be_us times veronica weed // 888x499 // 84.2KB down impact it jew shut text walkie-talkie // 600x929 // 70.9KB actor beach hi impact long neck stretched swimsuit text undies // 530x720 // 75.8KB asked be font fuck hate i impact is one text the to water what who // 630x599 // 40.6KB apocalypse burning cheems evangelion goofing impact little nge text tsunami // 1080x1090 // 535.7KB check friends help impact killdozer libright need political_compass text welding // 1079x1041 // 401.3KB 18 british dog doge heist impact money quid text // 1079x938 // 468.2KB apache_helicopter daughter dog doge faggot funny gender gun hilarious identify impact incel political_compass respect sexually slave text trade trans trans_rights // 1000x1090 // 129.3KB bad bowcer bowser for impact low_res quality sorry text // 1079x1081 // 439.9KB dvi femboy fox fursona impact language:lithuanian ostapenko puses text // 546x500 // 31.6KB guys happy impact insane low_res ok sad squidward text void // 1079x964 // 336.2KB
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