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low res 

Images that have low resolution, or those that are extremely artifacted over the course of multiple screenshotting


dude face happy low_res man smile textless // 200x200 // 4.1KB Cuba Fidel_Castro camera gusano leftist low_res polaroid snap text // 249x202 // 9.8KB depressed destroyed empty faceless low_res sad textless withered wojak // 526x640 // 9.0KB feel low_res refill soda text wojak // 150x200 // 6.9KB 47 attack burned civilians death doge impact low_res text war_crime white_phosphorus // 226x223 // 8.6KB 9 2036 daschund dog heart low_res september stop text threat // 480x564 // 14.0KB anarchy dog impact independant leash low_res text walk // 1075x719 // 310.2KB chat dislike dog doge low_res messenger profile_picture sex text // 640x598 // 11.5KB epic_win impact low_res save text thumbnail // 70x70 // 1.8KB cigar frog low_res pepe smug suit textless tux tuxedo // 249x249 // 40.9KB determination focused homework low_res party textless writing // 90x120 // 4.4KB armor dye low_res minecraft minecraft_armor pink pink_guy textless // 474x385 // 15.7KB black_and_white cryptid language_arabic low_res michael_jackson text // 250x232 // 7.0KB cure depression low_res methods text unreadable // 120x120 // 6.0KB belt black_man chest long_pants low_res textless // 94x120 // 4.1KB abuse grounded hardcore_skeleton hitting low_res text // 157x157 // 10.6KB blursed low_res man stretched texltess tv tv_funny_man // 640x1314 // 118.6KB air_cooling case cursed low_res nvidia pc pc_master_race rtx textless // 1054x955 // 150.8KB hagrid harry_potter hot low_poly low_res playstation ps2 textless // 279x243 // 33.9KB jeffrey_epstein laughing low_res textless // 168x218 // 6.3KB bait fish hook low low_quality low_res quality text // 600x600 // 18.9KB 420 brendan_fraser crying dog ears high low_res react reaction red_eyes sad stoned textless // 225x225 // 5.5KB animated cursed deepfried eyes facing_viewer low_res scary textless trollface // 220x170 // 32.8KB bands can glove homemade latex low_res pringles room rubber sponges tony_stark // 1079x1273 // 643.0KB
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