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Images depicting sadness, sad situations or something as such


depressed god knew mental_illness nerf sad text tired wojak // 1080x1153 // 49.4KB bonk brick concrete depression dog doge ruined sad shiba textless // 1080x1063 // 659.7KB depressed destroyed empty faceless low_res sad textless withered wojak // 526x640 // 9.0KB dark depressed destroyed empty mushroom sad shroom shroomjack shroomjak textless withered wojak // 786x701 // 115.8KB anime depression finlandia sad textless vodka // 246x326 // 26.2KB corrupted crying deepfried despair destroyed empty glitch sad textless void withered wojak // 720x819 // 502.4KB cure dog doge filipino sad sorry text // 561x547 // 28.8KB dog doge girl my_little_pogchamp pogchamp sad text tired where // 1072x1153 // 333.7KB burning fire mystery_machine road sad smoke snow textless // 90x120 // 4.3KB despair dog face happy sad soul text // 480x411 // 29.5KB 4chan father lift man sad text wojak // 693x798 // 64.0KB 4chan sad story text virgin // 327x696 // 31.5KB 4chan > brown day go outside pepe person racist ruined sad text // 400x237 // 6.8KB doll garbage junk maya_bee sad street textless thrown_out trash // 1080x1081 // 594.1KB bad_drawing frog pepo sad tears textless // 1024x962 // 66.8KB cry mario rain sad template textless // 750x634 // 71.7KB dexter sad shower textless // 320x319 // 15.0KB angry bernie_sanders dissaprove phone sad text unhappy // 767x560 // 806.2KB bed_ridden depressed empty sad textless tired wojak // 900x900 // 90.9KB 420 brendan_fraser crying dog ears high low_res react reaction red_eyes sad stoned textless // 225x225 // 5.5KB big disappointed long mouth sad textless wide wojak // 894x773 // 48.0KB disappointment have health issues making mental sad schedule sick text tried you // 702x841 // 68.4KB dark depression empty pink red ruined sad tears textless wojak // 488x488 // 50.6KB agony breathe cant dead depressed empty hell pain sad text withered wojak // 1080x1080 // 206.8KB
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